Hello cyber world!

Hello there!  My name is Jobana and I am a Medical Laboratory Technician currently working in, guess where?  That’s right my title says it all! I work in a Medical Laboratory.  Many people are not familiar with what a medical laboratory technician does and some have an idea but don’t know the details.  But, that’s ok!  That is why I am here to write a little on some of the things we learn and do as laboratory technicians and medical laboratory scientist.  The medical laboratory scientist profession is almost like a hidden gem that no one knows to much about so it is somewhat forgotten.  I never knew about this profession until I joined the Navy and I told them I wanted to do CSI stuff and they gave me medical laboratory technician title.  So far I have no complaints about my job because I LOVE my job and I also discovered that I like to teach others what I have learned throughout my career as a medical laboratory technician.  So here I am, inspired by my job, to write to you about what I do and maybe, just maybe I could increase more appreciation and awareness of this profession.   Read on everyone!


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